Grant Programs

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Grant Programs

First Time Maryland Home buyers can receive grant/funding assistance to use towards both the buyer's down payment and closing costs. There are even some grant opportunities and loan programs available for home buyers who are not first-time home buyers.

These grants are available at the local city and county levels, as well as the state level and the federal level.

When working with Home Title and Escrow, rest assured we do the following on your behalf:

  • Communicate with the realtor, lender, and grant administrators while in escrow
  • Confirm when grant checks are ready for pickup
  • Confirm these monies are available for the homebuyer at closing
  • Confirm that all grant documentation, required to be signed at closing, is provided

Please contact Home Title and Escrow to see if you qualify for these homebuyer grants and incentives.

When using these grants, you need a title company who is familiar with the grant process to ensure a smooth closing, and to ensure there are no issues after closing with the recording of these grants.

Home Title and Escrow has the experience, knowledge, and understanding of the steps needed to successfully complete your escrow transaction when using homebuyer grants.

Learn how Home Title and Escrow can help.

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